New Beginnings | Editorial Website Launch / by andrew faulk

train passing in windows

Time for Movement

There is nothing wrong with sitting still. Taking the time to stop and reflect is a process that all photographers should engage in. I have been metaphorically sitting for some time now, reflecting on my craft and photography business. During this pensive time I have come to several realizations about myself, photography, and my future in the industry. But more importantly, I have come to one very concise realization about the present; It's time to move forward. 

With this website launch, I am actively pursuing my passion as an editorial and travel photographer. Am I abandoning my portrait business? Heck no. I am simply diversifying and sticking my middle finger up at the notion that photographers must chose a specific niche to be successful.

I admit it. I get a bit nervous when I make a move against the norm or what the majority accepts. But there is something to be said for following one's intuition. Change is scary for me. But change is also very, very exciting.

I am choosing to ignore the little lies of self-doubt that a part of my brain is emitting. I am moving forward. After all, I can only sit still for so long.